Forty Something : Knocking

The creaks
Walls and plaster
Bend and bow
Stretch and tighten
With the tender touch of summers sun
Bend and bow
Stretch and tighten
But I am not a rubber band
I will break
No one tells you
When you’re young
That you don’t heal
You never heal
You just plaster new walls


A Day

I lost a friend today
Months ago
She was smart
A force of nature
I loved her
Fully, without end
A well unphased by drought
Now she is gone
Another large piece of me with her

Forty Something : Re:re:re

If that’s what worked for you
But I won’t leave this place
My home
Be driven from it
The wood
By some fading apperition
Some spiteful machine
Some tangled thing that no longer exists
I will carry on
Until it is banished
You can be a ghost
I’ll become something better
To exorcize you from my sacred groves

Forty Something : It Doesn’t

It doesn’t
Like anything new
Nothing new
Ghosts clutching to my shoulders
Skeletons in my closet
There were plenty
I’m picking up more
For the fun of it
You break hearts
Because you don’t have one
I didn’t want mine to begin with
You wrote about one
Like you loved him
I write like that about all of them