Thirty Five : The Sun On Pavement

As soon as I start writing
Waves that crash into the front
My skull adjusts
Shake, shimmy
Footing on the board
My brain bumps around
Thoughts start fires
Will they save me?
Before I think of you?
Too late
They’re not here yet
But you are
With those golden curls
You wish you could cover in red

They come, just a second in time for me to finish the swell.

The sun beats down on the pavement, ever present in the noon day sun. I listen to the sounds. Logging trucks ho hum and grunt by like over worked oxen. A loud rattle as a small red car screams down the street. Kids, teens I mean to say, talk about what won’t matter in a years time.
The sun beats down ever present. I feel it burning through my clothes. Chill wind gives the sensation of needles. Nature’s acupuncture.

But that was yesterday.

Today the sun follows me as I walk west, back home from my normal routine. Wake up, load a bowl – or like this morning, roll a joint – and walk to the convenient store down the street. The old woman working the register is the only person I see on my journey. She sees me every morning. She asks if I’ve got long before my trip. I grin – I’ve been on a trip my whole life, but this new thing is coming soon – we say goodbye. The sun follows me, burning through the clouds. My mood shifts left and right, up and down with the breaking and forming of the earth’s blankets.
My halves battle over my attention, an epic war constantly fought. Silly. Joint in one hand, energy drink in the other. Halves of a battle in each hand. Halves of a battle for balance.

You used to like my halves
My calves

The sun burns a hole through the clouds, solid beam blasting through my heavy hat.
I smile
The heat brings me back to life
Thaws me out, like the rest of life here
With the coming of spring
I bloom


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