Twenty Nine : Quick Thought, A Month Later

It’s been entirely too long, but honestly, I’ve been delightfully busy. Work has moved steadily along in it’s death march rhythm – gearing our production and packaging crew up for the next three to five weeks of forty eight hour (give or take) work weeks – oh joy. But that is work, baking for a living. Not baking for a life. Life has moved in interesting directions, opportunities springing forth from where once there was nothing but ash. Crow, one of several of my new friends, is moving in to take the place of a room mate who is leaving. Eventually Mix will move in as well, or the three of us will find a place closer to work (since we are all employed at the same place). Mix and I became friends quite quickly and have combined our personal talents to create a new circle of friends, carving a new hovel here in Portland. The Cute Girl, who I will refer to now as Poppy, and I have become closer over the last month – but a gentleman never kisses and tells. To put it gently, thing’s could be going much, much worse.

I’m pleasantly distracted though, that being enough for me at the moment. The world is open before me. I came to the realization a few days ago that Portland made me bleed for my life here. After moving back from the failure/learning experience that was Arizona I had to work my way back into Oregon life, as if the place itself had to relearn it’s trust for me. Once that trust was reestablished I had to pay my penance to be happy in Portland – to accomplish this it sent me Grace, who brought me up to speed before the universe pulled her in a different direction. But now I’m here, in Portland, with a decent job, good friends, and a new lover.

I tip this stale whiskey and coke from last night to you Portland. Cheers.


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