Nineteen : Christmas

Christmas came and went like a sore thumb, slammed in between a rack of bread and the proof box door frame. Another Thanksgiving and New Years trapping it in a dismal cloud called The Holiday Season. Pluck my eyes with a turkey baster.

It wasn’t all bad, though I do feel a Scrooge more than usual this year. I spent time with a few friends, my family, and Bean.

What did I manage to acquire?
– 250$ REI gift card (spent on a new pack)
– a complete guide to fishing in Oregon (tearing out pages to make a guide for the PCT)
– knives

Bean and I discussed timeline for the PCT, since he intends on being my travel buddy, aside from Squid. I told him my new found resolve to do the entirety of the trail, from Mexico to Canada. He agreed that it should be done that way and that we both want to spend as little time off the trail as we have to. Food has always been a major concern for him as far as comfort goes. I suppose my intentions for myself on this trip are not exactly on par with his. I don’t expect to be comfortable unless I just accept the fact that I’m hiking through the wilderness. No bedroll, no camp stove. For food I’m adjusting ratios for a mix of granola, seeds, nuts, and dried fruit mixes. For the entire trip. If I want something extra, I’ll have to make a detour and get it. I think this way because the one thing I’m afraid of is being too heavy. But you pack your fears, right?

I’m not expecting this to be anything but unpredictable. I can look at mileages and stops and routes and food charts and costing guides, or I could look at it for what it is. It’s walking through the woods. You take light clothes for the desert and take a single set of thermals for at night. When you get to the mountains and there is snow, you’ve mailed yourself warmer gear to go over the thermals you already had, and send the light stuff back. By the time you get out of the mountains, you’ve mailed yourself more light clothes for the Oregon woods stint, and light rain gear, and by the time you get through Washington you should have just about anything you might need saved up from throughout your trip. I want to make good time, but I expect it to take between four and six months to complete, so I want to pack light.

I also don’t want to over exam, analyze, and plan every single step. It takes the beauty and mysticism out of it.

I’ll prepare my body and mind as best I can. I’ll gather what I believe to be enough and then some. And then I’ll go.

I want this to be hard.


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