Seventeen : The World Keeps On Spinnin’

Not much has happened since Thanksgiving, to be perfectly honest. I’ve been sucking down whiskey, walking in the low to mid teens weather, lucky enough to stay dry (and they say climate change isn’t that big of a deal, pfft), and keeping my head in the game.

Apparently I’m getting an REI gift card sometime between now and Christmas, which is a major score – thank you mom and dad.

ImageOut of laziness I’m not going to double check if I said this or not, but I got a screaming deal on a new sleeping bag (15 degree) at Dicks Sporting Goods, Black Friday style. What would have been a $400 bag was only $250… I guess skipping sleep can sometimes pay off. The bag with the cover only weighs two pounds. If you can afford it, I highly recommend this bag, the Marmot Helium. Next thing on the list is an ice pick, boots/shoes, and crampons for winter training – gotta get as prepared as I can for those high sierras.

ImageSomething else exciting happened Saturday night, I found a hiking buddy. Aia. She is an eleven week old Black Lab with the tiniest bit of Blue Heeler. Sweet, loyal, and adorable. She has quickly filled a very large hole in my heart.


2 thoughts on “Seventeen : The World Keeps On Spinnin’

  1. Cute puppy!! Be sure to get her booties and a good coat for winter walks. Just walking on the sidewalk can freeze her little pads. You are smart for looking on black Friday for deals.. I’m the biggest anti-black Friday shopper ever! I hate it. I used to love shopping now I cant even stand to be in the store for more than 30 mins. So I cant brave the crazy black Friday shoppers. Maybe next year I will plan to black Friday shop to save on some of my little items that I need. I’m hoping to get my tent and bag at Christmas so we will see if that happens. Good Luck with the winter weather!!

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