Eight : Forever and Sixteen Days

I’m going to be brief, but everything has changed, though, really, nothing has at the same time. Lost the girl, lost the dog, and gained an entirely new perspective on life because of it. I’ve gotten several different jobs baking, become something closer to resembling a “badass” in the kitchen, and have spent a lot of time focusing completely on bread.

Year and a half till I hike the PCT. I haven’t chosen a start date, but when I do, the count down begins.

The blog is going to change, obviously, more personal, but keep the same tidbits of baking knowledge… I just need an outlet, somewhere to store thoughts meticulously planned out throughout the morning working.

Its hard to write in the house, since it’s where everything changed… Too many memories, too many distractions. Over the course of the week I’ll update information and change the layout around a little. After the 15th I’ll be moved into the new house with one of my current room mates and my buddy… I’m going to have to change peoples names so I don’t get sued, or worse, jumped.


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