Six : Re:First?

As soon as Amanda’s guest post hit my email inbox I was asking myself, which really did come first? So, on a hunt for the answer, referenced two of my culinary school books for answers:

According to “The Bar & Beverage Book” by Costas Katsigris and Chris Thomas, beer is said to have been discovered by the Sumerian’s. Though they go on to state that twenty different types of beers, along with their recipes, were recorded by Babylonian scribes as early as 6,000 BC.

Now over to “Professional Baking, fifth edition” by Wayne Gisslen. Gisslen’s texts state that the seeds of wild grasses were gathered after their husks had been toasted, most likely on hot, flat rocks, and beaten with wooden or stone tools. It is also theorized that grain foods, such as bread, were most likelyto have been developed in the eastern Mediterranean regions because there was an abundance of wild grains there. Early man would then take these crushed grains, pound them into a meal, and mix them with water (oat meal?), and from there was found that the paste turned into what could best be described as a “flat bread” when left next to, or spread on a hot rock, over a fire.

Lets think about this for a second… ancient people making grain pastes for flat breads… thats unleavened – no yeast except for whats ambient in the air, and most likely without any time to ferment, whereas beer is, essentially, a grain paste thats been left to ferment to create alcohol. My opinion on the matter? Bread before beer. But honestly, the question is, which came first? Bread or Wine?


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